Saturday, January 22, 2011

8th Grade Roy Lichtenstein Comics

My 8th graders learned about the fantastic artist, Roy Lichtenstein. Then, they found a newspaper comic to enlarge using the grid method. They painted their drawing with tempera paint. Very impressive!

6th Grade Learning about Symmetry, Proportion, and Balance

These masterpieces are hanging on a bulletin board in the school hallway right now!

5th Grade Nutcrackers

I saw this idea on several blogs and everyone seemed to do it a little different. We did ours step-by-step and then painted with tempera paint. We were working right up until the last minute before Christmas break! Some students didn't even have time to paint their nutcracker's hair! But the results were still fabulous.

Kindergarten Snowmen

There is nothing more adorable than a kindergartner's snowman. Don't they look so happy? We did the snowflakes with Q-tips and then added accessories with holiday patterned scrapbook paper once the paint was dry. I usually go to their classroom and teach them there, but since this project required paint, they traveled down to the art room in their cute little aprons. Very fun day!

Fall Trees in Perspective

Today felt like a nice fall day...of course it is winter, but I thought of these paintings. I originally got the idea from one of the art Usbourne books and decided to try it out with my 5th graders. They loved it and it helped to reinforce the concept of perspective that we have been studying.

2nd Grade Turkey Creations

Yes, it is January and I am just now uploading Thanksgiving projects :) But better late than never. This was a last minute creation by our 2nd graders. I just love these long skinny legged, sharp toothed, fancy-looking turkeys.