Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ancient Greek Vases

Our 6th graders were learning about Ancient Greece. The 6th grade teacher and I got together and came up with the idea to make paper-mache Greek vases. I found a couple of different lesson plan versions on We did ours by taping styrofoam bowls to the top and bottom of a balloon. Students covered their balloons with paper-mache paste (a mixture of water and flour) and newspaper. After the vases dried, the students fashioned all different kinds of handles from scrunched up tin foil and we hot glued them on. We then spray painted the vases and students added designs with sharpies. It sounded like a good idea and the results are amazing...however if I ever do this project again it will be on a much much smaller scale. This took FOREVER! But the students loved it and the younger students commented that they can't wait till they are in 6th grade so that they can make this project!

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  1. Great lesson! I came across your blog while googling 'ancient Greek paper mache vases'. I teach a crafts class over the summer and we're going to use Greek vases as inspiration to make our own. I like how you used the Styrofoam bowls for the lip and vase, it works really well. Nice blog too! If you have time, you can check out mine