Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Under the Sea with 3rd Grade!

This is one of those projects that started out as one thing and ended up as another! My third graders fabulously drew underwater creatures (they were learning about fish and mammals in science) from lots of resource pictures that I scattered about the tables. Then, they colored their creatures with crayon, crumpled their paper, and painted with blue watercolor. That is where the project was planned to end...however, I had a last minute discovery in one of my cupboards (this happens to me frequently) of clear cellophane! The students crumpled that up (sounds like pounding rain when all 28 students do this at the same time FYI) and stuck it to their paintings using a glue dot (fantastic invention!) in each corner. Voila! They looked great in the hallway, one teacher commented that the cellophane made the fish look like they were in an aquarium!

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