Saturday, June 12, 2010

Origami Stars

After School Art...always a joy! These origami stars were courtesy of Zen Crafting...she has a step-by-step picture tutorial as well as a video tutorial! Talk about on the ball! The kids really enjoyed creating origami...not to mention raiding my amazing mixed bag of buttons for their star center!

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  1. Hi, I just found your cute blog by way of Deepspace Sparkle. I am also an art teacher blogger and have only been blogging a couple of months. Although I've been teaching approximately a million years, I find new ideas every day through the blogs. Even though school is on vacation, please come check out my blog "There's a Dragon in my Art Room" at and scroll back through the older posts. I intend to keep posting over the summer.
    I scrolled through your old posts (your turkeys are adorable) but I wanted to especially note the pinwheels. There is a GREAT project, kind of an international art installation originated by art teachers, called Pinwheels for Peace ( takes place in September on the International Day of Peace. We've participated for 3 years and it is awesome. Check it out!