Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Uncovering Mona Lisa

My fifth graders were learning about portrait-style paintings during the Reniassance. What better portrait than Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa! A classic...with a twist. I gave each student a line drawing of Mona Lisa. They had to flip the portrait upside down so that her face was at the bottom of the page (this helps the students focus less on trying to get it to look exactly like a face and focus more on lines and shapes), and cover it with a piece of black construction paper, leaving only the bottom inch showing. On a 12"x18" piece of white paper they drew what they could see. When they finished drawing that inch, they would raise the paper inch by inch until they had drawn the whole portrait. Students finished off their drawings by using colored pencils to give each Mona Lisa a different look. I had some extra wallpaper scraps so we used those for the backgrounds...I thought it made them look a little more Renaissance-like. They were quite proud of their results, as was I!

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